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General Rules

‡ Characters are 10 years older than canon
‡ 2 character limit
‡ Players must be 18+
‡ Please take care not to control another person's character (god-modding)

‡ Please no ooc drama. If you have trouble with another player and are unable to resolve it between yourselves, please contact a mod.

‡ Please avoid very tragic backgrounds out of sensitivity to other players. Generally speaking, the personality of your character should not differ overly from their canon.

‡ On a similar note, please no sexual situations that may make players uncomfortable. This includes things such as rape, sexual abuse, noncon, bondage. If you are unsure if it would offend or of the rating, contact a mod who will be able to guide you in the right direction.

‡ We would like this RPG to be driven by character interaction and conversations, so please try and ensure R-rated sex logs do not form the majority of your postings and are supported by plenty of (in game) backstory.


Activity will be tracked throughout the month and various contributions to the game count for allocated points. A minimum of 50 points is needed per month.

‡ Logs and public journal posts count for 15 points each, for a combined maximum of 30 points a month. At least one journal post must be posted a month.

‡ Comment threads on another person’s journal count for 5 points each.

E.g. One post and 8 good comment threads would count for 55 points.
One post, 3 logs and no comment threads however, would only count for 30 points.

At the end of the month, the two lowest scoring characters below 50 will receive a Bad Review. The top two scoring characters will receive a Good Review. Three Bad Reviews in six months will result in your character’s business going bankrupt and having to close.

‡ A good review cancels out a bad review. And if no one is below 50 points, then there will be 4 good reviews given.

The Jimmies

The Jimmies run a knock off shoe store called “Jimmy Two”, as they love a good bargain! They are responsible for some of the reviews given and may occasionally appear on your posts.