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Community description:Prince of Tennis

In a town not far from Tokyo, Atobe Keigo, chairman of the Yamamachi Business Coalition, pushed up his reading glasses and stared down the former doubles pair on the other side of his desk. They talked a formidable game, but Atobe’s prowess was second to none. Obviously his father, the business king, had put him in charge of Yamamachi because he believed that his son had the sense to turn the decrepit into the up and coming, and the up and coming to prime time.

“You are aware that when you signed on to join the Yamamachi Coalition, accepting our excellent loan rates, community benefits, and start up assistance, that you would have to abide our standards and the rules of your contract.”

The infamous pair, formerly known as the Jimmies, made their rebuttal. “Atobe-san, sales are very important to our customers,” Minami explained.

“And no one can resist our coupons.”

“That’s because you drew such an amazing logo.”

“I was so inspired by your hair.”


Atobe cleared his throat. “As your highly successful business adviser, I implore you to weigh the quality of your products as much as you do the price. And do keep in mind that if your….Jimmy Twos are constantly on sale, that sale price becomes regular price and your brand drops in value.”

Higashikata’s face lit up. “Ah, but we found a way around that.”

“Masami is brilliant,” Minami beamed.

“We’ve discovered a way to rebrand shoes,” Higashikata pulled out a box and opened it on Atobe’s desk. The businessman looked at Higashikata as if he had just vomited on his desk. What had once been a nice pair of Ralph Lauren leather shoes had been worn into the ground and then plastered inelegantly with green paint on the bottom.

“Now they’re classic Jimmy Twos!”

“We thought you’d really enjoy them, Atobe-san.”

“It’s time for us to get back to the shop – you can let us know how much you love them during our next business check up.”

“Or write about us on your Yamamamchi Coalition community journal. Even if you’re no Banji, we won’t turn down the publicity!”

Even ten minutes after they departed, Atobe still found himself in horrified silence. He would have to scour the Jimmies shop to ensure they weren’t illegally selling used shoes as new ones. Disgusting.

“Welcome to the completely flat town of Yamamachi, where every idiot has a shot,” Atobe drawled and slumped back in his plush chair. Rubbing his temples, he demanded, “Send in the next member.”


To be the next member, apply with the Prince of Tennis character of your choice. Whether they want to start their own small business or join a larger one, anyone can be successful in Yamamachi with the right motivation and the special assistance programs available to stimulate economic growth. Our rules and application process are a little different, so please read them thoroughly before joining.

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