Date: 2016-08-13 10:51 pm (UTC)
zenzai: (youre about to be famous)
From: [personal profile] zenzai
Your name: Sara
Age: 26
Timezone: UCT -5

Character name: Zaizen Hikaru
Character journal:
Age: 23

Business name: Piercing Note
Business details: Zaizen inherited an old bar from his uncle, who moved back to Osaka. Though it has been converted to run as a piercing parlor by day, it returns to its old identity as a bar by night. Be careful how much you drink, or you’ll wake up with a new attachment.

Why now, why this business? A brief history: After playing tennis with his teammates through high school, Zaizen went to school in Tokyo to study english and music. He fared well enough, but he didn’t feel the same ringing dissonance, like he was adding something different to the noise of everyday life, until he studied abroad in London. And it wasn’t just the underground bands. During that year, he worked under the table at a local piercing parlor and came to feel at home with the staff and various characters passing through. He never ran out of blog post ideas. Since the uncle that Zaizen had been staying with in Tokyo intended to retire once he graduated, when that time came, Zaizen asked to rent out the property instead of allowing it to be sold. His uncle approved of the idea and returned to Osaka, letting his nephew do as he pleased with the space.

Business location: Just outside a side exit of the arcade
Business size: The basement of a three story building
When was the business established and when did it join the Yamamachi Business Coalition? His uncle had been running the bar for awhile, but Zaizen started it anew this summer. On taking over the property, he joined the business coalition to purchase piercing equipment with their special loan rates.
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