Hirakoba Rin

Date: 2016-08-14 02:08 am (UTC)
rinhirakoba: (smirking hair flip)
From: [personal profile] rinhirakoba
Your name: Mathias Hyde
Journal: mallard.livejournal.com
Age: 24!
Timezone: +10 AEST

Character name: Hirakoba Rin
Character journal: to be made
Age: 24

Business name: Pet World
Business details: Pet World is a small pet shop that only sells fish, because really, why would you want anything else?
Why now, why this business? A brief history: Partly as a bid to get away from his overbearing grandmother, Hirakoba went to the mainland for university. Although the beaches aren’t as nice, Hirakoba decided to stay on the mainland after his degree, enjoying the different atmosphere. He’s told his grandmother that he’s looking for a wife that meets her high standards and his family has continued supporting him from afar as a result. He’s opened the pet shop as a way to keep himself somewhat busy during the day though his actual business practices are more than a bit questionable (he just likes pet fish).
Business location: Just inside the arcade.
Business size: A small establishment. Hirakoba lives in an apartment on the floor above, which is accessible from the back of the store.
When was the business established and when did it join the Yamamachi Business Coalition? Hirakoba has been running the shop for a little over a year now, though he hasn’t really sold that many pets in that time. He has only joined the business coalition very recently on a recommendation from his retiring neighbour, who seemed worried about his lack of revenue.
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